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Dissolving Detergent Ball

A sphere of liquid laundry detergent held together by a dissolvable skin
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As i was lugging the big three litre jug of liquid laundry detergent up a flight of stairs to the laundry area in the apartment building, i was thinking "George, " (because George is what i call myself in my head) "George, wouldn't it be easier if you only had to carry a single-usage unit of laundry detergent, like when you carry a single dryer sheet?" Not surprisingly, i also thought the answer was "Yes".

I propose that liquid laundry detergent could be sold as a box/carton of single-use spheres that is held together by a soluble skin that quickly comes apart and dissolves in water. The skin allows individual units while not resorting to excess wasteful packaging that would wind up in a landfill.

If anybody has ever played paintball, think of a large version of the paintball ammo. (although i have no info on whether they are soluble or not)

I also picture them being blue, because i like blue.

Of course, the downside is that the detergent company gets to determine how much laundry detergent you use on each load. Maybe they could sell different sizes for different needs.

cameron, Oct 29 2001

Persil Capsules FAQ http://www.persil.c...s/capsules/faq.html
De-Framed. They're exactly this idea. [jutta, Oct 29 2001]


       That's an obscure link you found, UnaBubba. ;) Although i've never seen/heard of that before (excep the dishwashing tablet), that's not liquid laundry detergent. I haven't used the powdered stuff (like is mentioned at your link) in a decade - i can't stand the stuff. Find me some in liquid form!   

       From what i've seen of the (current) US patent process, saying "one more time, but now with liquid" sounds like it may be patentable, even. (although maybe not now, since i divulged it publicly before application :)
cameron, Oct 29 2001

       UnaBubba - exactly! I had forgotten about bath beads!   

       Rods Tiger - i went to the Persil Capsules link and my first reaction was a pleased "oooooooo". Good work! :-)   

       I'm glad to know my idea is baked...and available. (no matter what the fishboners say ;)
cameron, Oct 29 2001


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