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Right. I'm 18, a student at the University of Missouri, and completely focused on solving the problems of the world. Unfortunately, being a pessimistic fatalist, I know everything will end - terribly. Just like this brief description of myself

(notice the lack of punctuation (and the fact that I'm not funny (and my obsession with parenthesis)))

crackriot@aol.com, yo'z

[Jan 09 2002]

(+3, -4) alarm clock, minus la
(+20, -6)(+20, -6) Breakout Pornography
(+1, -5) Divided cabin
(+5, -8) Holographic Sexcapades
(+4, -2) Knirk (relative of spork)
(+6, -21)(+6, -21)(+6, -21) Recycle your elderly
(+16, -1)(+16, -1) The telemarketer revenge machine

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