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Tempe, Arizona -- Nature lover who plays piano and keyboards and has been known to sing and write songs in his little home studio, who got his degree in English at a Jesuit university and yet makes a living doing IT project management... Halfbakery is all that keeps him sane!

[Jun 27 2000, last modified Nov 12 2012]
(+6, -4) 3rd Party That Can Win
(+5, -1) Auto-Talker
(+2) Bible Code Diplomacy
(+4, -5) BoofWoofer
(+7, -2) Ecstasy Hosts
(+4) Insensitivistatistics
(+1, -3) Plantation Island
(+13, -1)(+13, -1) Relics
(+11, -5) Wind-Up Car

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