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A new wireless speaker system you can really feel!
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Essentially, this is a wireless sub-woofer that the listener "wears" in their anus. An accompanying Walkman/iPOD device controls the music, headphones and BoofWoofer.

Music like you've never experienced.

danrue, Nov 23 2004

A cafe where the patrons....... http://www.google.c...search=&safe=images
.......oh, never mind. [normzone, Nov 24 2004]


       hey HBers will try anything... after you, DrC.
po, Nov 23 2004

       Too good to bone, yet too foul to bun.
wagster, Nov 23 2004

       po: no thanks - I thought you knew I was not into iPods?
DrCurry, Nov 24 2004


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