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Ecstasy Hosts

Communion with a little extra something...
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Spike the standard wafers handed out in church with the designer drug Ecstasy!

What better way to encourage our young people to rejoice and spread love throughout the community. Peace be with YOU!

For an extra charismatic experience, offer an Acid Pancake Breakfast after the service -- the combination is heavenly!

You'll never look at Sunday the same way.

danrue, Dec 05 2000

Entheogens http://www.csp.org/...ens/entheogens.html
Generic term for "sacramental" drugs, e.g. Peyote. (Links, articles, book references, much of it from the 60ies.) [jutta, Dec 05 2000]


       I think they do this at St. Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast (where I stole the margarine).
centauri, Dec 05 2000

       Though some of us might find the idea fetching, my guess is that most who go to mass will take offense. This is not the type of religious experience that they signed on for.   

       danrue: In my brief experience here I have noticed that most responses are sober (sometimes maddeningly so)witness many of the responses to my "Neo-Idaho." Moreover, I think that if there is one aspect of culture that should be satirized it is religion( so we agree here).   

       PeterSealy: I think too much is made of the infrequent role that hallucinogenic drugs have played in Western culture. If their acutual use was anywhere close to as common as we who have seen the great "is" that exists in contradistintion to the "is not " are wont to impugn, well then there would be a hell of a lot more priests, rabbis, mullahs and worshippers at Phish concerts.
Dolophine, Dec 06 2000

       Perhaps I wasn't as clearly tongue-in-cheek as I supposed... That said, Dolophine, I'm not at all sure that religion should be off-limits for satire!
danrue, Dec 06 2000

       Actually, one of the reasons that wine is an appropriate symbol (especially as opposed to grape juice!) for the blood of Christ is that if you accept it, it will change you.
beauxeault, Dec 06 2000

       I think beauxeault's statement is beautiful -- and true. It applies to so many aspects of life: "If you accept it, it will change you"   

       I admit, my original concept was inspired by certain personal experiences (long, long ago!), but actually the "a-ha" or awakening I noticed was more existential. It was very inward. I saw God in myself... From things I've read, I think the drugs may be limited to that sort of ontological awareness.   

       I mean, has anyone ever been "born again" in the Christian sense during an acid trip?
danrue, Dec 08 2000

       If I understand correctly, the proposal involves spiking the host without the congregation's knowledge, yes? There's probably much less precedent for that than for entheogens in general, but I imagine it's been done. There are persistent rumors about the Hare Krishnas giving drugs to potential recruits without their awareness, but that may be only fear-mongering.   

       I also recall a Poirot story involving an unorthodox Christian sect that administered cocaine to its adherents without telling them. Miss Lemon went undercover and got dosed up with the rest of them.
baf, Jul 31 2001

       If it were my church i'd go ~_^ P.S. Centauri it is wrong to steal margerine, butter only!
KittySama, Mar 21 2003

       Let's all take a hit of acid, sit around a fire and sing hey jude
colaaddict, Mar 22 2003

       Churches have enough problems without giving their patrons lethal drugs. Fishbone.
Almafeta, May 31 2003

       What happens after the ecstacy honeymoon is over?
squigbobble, Jan 29 2004

       Sit down, have a smoke and put the lumpy bits of your brain back together.
sufc, Jan 29 2004

       There was a church in the city in which I live that used to hold Christian Rave services and many of the people were taking E. Needless to say it was shut-down and the priest got into a lot of trouble. Was called the 9 O'clock service or something - there's bound to be loads about it if you search on google. Apparently the sermons the priest gave were long and boring though - even being luvedup couldn't make me cope with that - thats probably why they got rid of him.
The(n)iceman, Mar 24 2004

       I'm SO glad that someone is able to satirise the church.
neuro, Oct 31 2005


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