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It's a dog eat dog food world out there.


[Apr 27 2000, last modified Jul 28 2000]

(+6, -1) Added Accent
(+6, -1) Anti-Parking Ticket Sticker
(+10)(+10) Blank Bumper-Sticker Paper
(+3, -5) Brain-Web.net
(+11, -15) Can't Vote for Your Own Idea
(+14, -6)(+14, -6) Carni-Food
(+10)(+10) Land Ferry
(+12, -14) List of Half-Bakers and Their Ideas
(+6, -7) Make Funky Glasses Out Of CD's
(+11)(+11) Parking Meter That Gives Change
(+8, -12) Steering-Wheel Spike
(+17)(+17) Toasties
(+4, -1) Web Investigator Service

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