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Anti-Parking Ticket Sticker

A warning to meter-maids/misters.
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A simple sticker or hand-written note:


I'm having severe electrical problems with my car.

Don't touch my windsheild wipers."

eagle, May 29 2000


       Last place i got a ticket, Chicago Illinois, the ticket had a really sticky stripe on it, which "parking enforcement" usually attached to the driver-side rear-view mirror or window.   

       What you need is a vehicle that can be put very slightly out of phase with your universe when you park. Hmm, you know, this really solves a lot of problems related to parking. Not only can no one even see or touch your vehicle (to steal, vandalize or ticket it) but because you could park anywhere.
johan, May 30 2000

       This would also solve most of the problems with car accidents, as well...
StarChaser, May 30 2000

       I like the idea of the out-of-phase car, but the reason it would never get a parking ticket is because no matter where you tried to park it, the car (or the phased parts of it, anyway) would eventually end up parked at the center of the earth.
centauri, May 30 2000

       Not if you also added an anti-gravity field generator. Of course, it might drain the car battery if left on overnight.
ps, Jun 01 2000

       I'd never though about this: is something that is out of phase with this universe still affected by gravity? Can anyone explain why? I'm not doubtful, just curious.
johan, Jun 03 2000

       Well, as far as enjoyable SF is concerned, "out-of-phase" people and things do seem to be affected by gravity, which has often made me wonder how they manage to remain "in-phase" with the floor. Perhaps the floor is "multiphasic."   

       As far as reality is concerned, if there is such a thing as "out-of-phase" matter, I would think that we wouldn't be able to affect or detect such material in any way, and vice versa. Therefore, it wouldn't have a gravitational influence on matter in our "phase" and we wouldn't have any gravitational influence on it.   

       Yes, I am pulling this out of my butt.
centauri, Jun 05 2000

       Nice to know i'm not the only one. :-)
johan, Jun 06 2000

       Dark Matter Cars: Available in any colour you like, so long as its black.
hippo, Jun 09 2000

       I'm pretty sure the center of the Earth is a NO PARKING zone, anyway.
beauxeault, Jun 27 2000

bigyell, Jun 29 2000

       Yeh, but what would they print the ticket on?
Alcin, Aug 19 2000

       How about just not parking illegally in the first place?
mrthingy, Nov 14 2000, last modified Aug 07 2001

       What if the traffic wardens are also equipped with devices to phase out to the same phase as all such popular devices? And what do you do if it is towed away? Would a portable phasing generater ever be available to the general public? The potential for fun/crime is outstanding.   

       A yellow Reliant Robin with the Trotters Independant Traders logo would be more effective and less hassle.
Gimp, Dec 15 2000

       Why fake it? Buy an electrical inverter to convert the 12 volt car system to a far higher, more dangerous level and connect a wire to the windscreen wipers for real ! See how many tickets you get now...
DaveSt, Aug 25 2001

       I cannot find my out-of-phase Nissan Sunny anywhere
po, Aug 25 2001

       Try finding a Dodge Shadow

would a 'Clergy' placard work if placed in visible location?
thumbwax, Aug 25 2001

       funny new site. www.myparkingticket.com. you can pay and win stuff. that is, if you have parking tickets...
Buddha, Mar 19 2002

       Hey, Buddha . . . that's looking like an ad and ads aren't welcome here.
bristolz, Mar 19 2002

       I say just shock them. http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Windscreen_20Wiper_20Shocker
dvine, Jul 10 2002

       Fishbone for fraud. If you don't want a parking ticket, don't park illegally.
bookworm, Jul 10 2002

       Well, if the car was out of phase, would you be able to see it? I would think not, in which case how do you find the thing if you can't remember where you parked in the mall parking lot??   

       I'd prefer a car like the one in the Jetsons that folded up into a briefcase and you could take it with you. Parking problems for large cities solved!
Aurora, Jul 10 2002

       Got a parking ticket you dont like, just start going around taking other people's parking tix, and then claim like the rest that "I didn't get no parking ticket!" 20 sessions of this per year and your local government will give up on the whole idea of parking fines. Just make it economically impractical and it will go away.
davidcreede, Jul 21 2003

       or, don't put the note on your windshield when you are having severe electrical problems with your car.
davidcreede, Jul 21 2003

       you can always buy a blocker :P
NeoPiter, Jul 20 2004

       The meter maid might laugh so much at this note that he/she will forego giving you the ticket :)
phundug, Sep 24 2012

       polarized license plate which, when viewed from a sharp angle (ie: somebody standing, close to the car), gives the mayor's plate number.
FlyingToaster, Sep 24 2012

       Get those sticky papers used to catch flies, mice, etc. but get a super sticky one capable of trapping a human. Wrap this all around your car (carefully) and park in the most overtly illegal spot you can find.
phundug, Sep 24 2012

FlyingToaster, Sep 24 2012

       What if you put something which looked like a current parking ticket on the windshield every time you parked the car?
4and20, Sep 24 2012

       That's illegal in some places. It's considered counterfeiting a police document, like making a false inspection sticker.
Alterother, Sep 24 2012

       This whole idea is predicated on the notion that not being able to place the ticket physically on your car will prevent you from getting a ticket. Where I live, at least, that's decidedly not the case. I once was idling in a red zone momentarily when a parking enforcement car pulled up behind me. I moved immediately, but damned if I didn't get a “Notice of Delinquent Violation” in the mail three weeks later.
ytk, Sep 24 2012

       Warning: I'm having severe electrical problems with my mailbox. This only happens when people attempt to put delinquent violation notices in it. For all other mail it works fine. Thank you.
phundug, Sep 26 2012


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