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Make Funky Glasses Out Of CD's

Add on ear straps, and Viola!! (or Cello!!)
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Right now, take two CD's, go into the bathroom, and put one against each eye (assuming you have two eyes.) with the reflective side away from your face.

Now look in the mirror.

What you see is a brilliantly fashionable head accessory!

Not only do you look like Elton John, but you'll also provide a portable mirror for your spouse / friends.

All that's missing is something to attach the two CD's together, and an ear strap or something like that.

eagle, Jul 26 2000


       Why not use superglue? If you're going to be a...I mean if you're going to make such a bold fashion statement, won't you want people to see it all the time?
StarChaser, Jul 27 2000

       I can appreciate how you might view a cd-glasses wearer as a "...".   

       Didn't we all view Elton John as a "..."? But didn't Elton John make a zillion dollars everytime he acted like a "..."?   

       Anyways, I've just given myself a (-) vote. The idea sucks, but at least it's original!
eagle, Jul 27 2000

       I was trying to be silly, actually, I didn't really mean you were a "..."...
StarChaser, Jul 27 2000

       That's OK -- my self esteem is high enough to handle being called a "..." as well as receiving nothing but (-) votes.   

       Now how about all of you that actually went into the bathroom to have a look at yourself holding up two CD's to your face?   

       What a bunch of ...'s!!
eagle, Jul 27 2000

       <grin> -I- didn't...because I tried this years ago...
StarChaser, Jul 28 2000

       alternatively glue just one CD to a headband and pretend your a doctor/brain surgeon..... how cool!
solomungus, Apr 06 2001

       Yes. But only because it conjured the *funniest* mental image of the night. And, blast you, eagle! It will not leave my head!
The Military, Jun 24 2001


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