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typwriter/piano - Just think what a difference it will make when you are typing melodius notes along with your: poetry, term papers, hate-mail. And how endearing it will be to your house mates and others. Especially useful for some of the more tedious professions: just think what a difference in ambiance that can be achieved, say, in the newsroom, the DMV, the courtroom!

And, add a little twist by using judgmental punctuation which can have equally offending noises attached.(see next idea...)

judgmental punctuation - Take the guesswork out of deciphering someone's sarcasm. Be SURE someone's really mad at you by the addition of new, but impactful, little punctuation marks which represent all those sometimes unnoticed little innuendoes, put downs, facial gestures etc: Little glowering eyebrows, angry drops of sweat, shrug-burns, and XXXXclamation marks (very large for empphasis).Wow the list goes on and on and on and (see here we could use special marks for boredom.....,,,,,gfundl

[Oct 14 2004, last modified Nov 01 2004]

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