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advertising garden

garden areas devoted to advertising certain businesses
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If billboards and other unsightly objects can be rented to advertise certain businesses, then a garden would be a pleasant, beautifying and maybe aromatic way to advertise.

A great garden plot could be located anywhere a good water source is available. People would be encouraged to park, 'smell the roses' awhile, meander through the garden and oh yes see your company's advertising sign right there among the blossoms. Trees, (an orchard - imagine 'This tree is brought to you by 'so and so' company.)

It could even be a kind of newspaper, with families announcing baby arrivals by planting a fresh flower bush, birthdays, anniversaries...etc. And all the while beautifying your own community.

gfundl, Nov 19 2004

Laser-Etched seed grows legible leaf http://www.takara-u...anofwords/index.php
[jutta, Oct 05 2005]


       I've seen versions where the entire sign is done in plants, but this is a pleasing alternative. It is far less invasive, but I don't know if the advertisers would be happy that their carefully crafted ad messages are not being forced into everyone who goes within 100M of the display. Overall + for the public, - for advertisers. Since I don't work in advertising + it is.
ayt, Nov 19 2004

       Welcome [gfundl]. I'm afraid that I can bone a newbie, and will continue with my policy of boning all ideas that increase the amount of advertising in the world. Even though the garden part was good. Sorry.
wagster, Nov 19 2004

       There will be a special place for 'boners' as you describe yourself.
gfundl, Nov 20 2004


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