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Baobab Sanctuary

provide a place where people who have outgrown their bonzai baobabs, or vice versa (more probable) can send their baobab, in good consciense.
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A Baobab Rescue would be a good term, because in just the same way that cattle, Labrador Retrivers and pet alligators sometimes prove to be 'too much' for their owners, the baobab deserves to be taken care of.

They need alot of room, so I suggest the name Baobab, California.

gfundl, Feb 16 2005

Baobob tree http://www.mongabay...agascar/baobob2.gif
[normzone, Feb 16 2005]

similar. House_20Plant_20Halfway_20House
[po, Feb 16 2005, last modified Feb 18 2005]


       I like trees. Especially big trees. I'm probably a hippie. [+]
wagster, Feb 18 2005

       confused by strange far off spellings
benfrost, Feb 18 2005

       I can't believe you want to build a santuary for the ugliest tree in the world. What's next? A Lovett preserve?   

       [+] for being an equal-opportunity environmentalist, though.
shapu, Feb 18 2005


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