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Too young to know the world, but old enough to be sure of that fact!

Born to be an athiest and living up to his destiny.

LIKES: smiles, giggles and laughs (mostly those initiated by me); Bikes, bikes and more bikes; Wierd styles of facial hair arrangement.

DISLIKES: Selfish petty people; squeaky female voices; squeaky male voices; animals(!!!); insects; Hypocrites; tpyos; topys, tppos, DAMMIT... TYPOS!!!

HOBBIES: Cricket; Weight-training (wholly amatuer, let me assure you); Cricket; Reading; Cricket; Chess; Cricket; Soccer; Cricket; Formula 1; Cricket.

Email: joker_of_the_deck "at" yahoo "dot" com

[Aug 30 2002]

(-1) Add a second Ball
(+2, -3) Anti-seasickness Design
 Automatic Parallel Parking System
 Blimp Seating
(+10)(+10) End-Angled Ceiling Fan blades
(+1) Informative "Please Hold" Tone
(+2) Junk mail limit
 Make Soccer Players wear Boxing Gloves
(+2, -1) More Practical Roach Bomb
(+1) Night-Glow Games
(+2, -4) Power Chess
(+1, -8)(+1, -8) Steering-Calibrated Automatic Turn Indicators
(+4) Van de Graaf Haircutting Aid

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