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Blimp Seating

An aerial view of any sporting event
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Two factors that are always present when it comes to live sporting events are SPECTATORS and ADVERTISING. We have already seen ad agencies using blimps to cover the advertising aspect. But what if stadium owners used blimps to dramatically increase spectator viewership?

Blimps can be anchored to the ground and can be placed in the air alongside the roof of the stadium. There can be more than one blimp, each having separate sections with appropriate ticket rates etc.

PLUSSES: - This would result in more people watching the game without too much increase in land and building expenditure. This results in more income earned per acre of land owned/leased for the Stadium Owner and in more seats for the Sports Fan.

- Since the blimps CAN carry messages on their sides, the cost of the blimps can be covered by the endorsements painted on them.

- The blimp can offer a host of other services, much like VIP boxes at most stadia.

- Especially helpful in stadia of big teams with low seating capacity (Eg: the Arsenal stadium).

- Blimps can also double as floodlight holders for night games.

MINUSES: - Distance from action: would be too far away for the normal sports lover.

- Unstable when it comes to bad weather, could really (pardon the expression) rock the boat.

- Worthless at Indoor Stadia.

- Various safety aspects (although I think it'll be pretty dumb for a terrorist to try and fly a BLIMP through a building!)

There are ways to overcome most demerits, so I personally think it would be a great idea to implement them; at venues for big games at least.

joker_of_the_deck, Mar 20 2003

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[po, Oct 21 2004]




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