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More Practical Roach Bomb

Release hoards of roaches into Enemy Territory
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I must admit I was inspired by [jong]'s roach-bomb idea. (Moderator kindly link that one if possible)

Instead of putting explosives into an already destructive insect, why not send out the insect itself? Why have the redundancy?

Trap hundreds of millions of roaches (easy to do, given their vast population) and seal them in glass jars with those tiny holes in the lid for air.

Then fly over enemy territory and drop these jars by the dozen (or by the *gross*). Cockroaches will infest the enemy area and make it harder for them to retain supplies.

It will also be more cost-effective; plus there will be a demand for roaches!

Options could include Bees, Termites and the occasional Locust.

Of course, this tactic will be useless if a person wants to OCCUPY enemy territory after his victory (which is probably why Mr. Bush doesn't employ it, because then those Iraqi oil fields with their 90+ years of Oil reserves would be infested!).

joker_of_the_deck, Mar 27 2003

Roach bomb http://www.halfbake...m/idea/Roach_20bomb
DIY [sambwiches, Oct 17 2004]

Saddam's worried about it. http://www.fas.org/...99/07/990709-in.htm
9 July 1999: "Iraq charged a UN employee from New Zealand, Ian Broughton, involved in clearing mines in Iraqi Kurdistan, with having buried several boxes of locust eggs there, "to cause severe harm to Iraqi agriculture and to vandalize its economy." It demanded that the UN expel Broughton within 72 hours." [pottedstu, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I refuse to read this idea due to insect fear. I did read as far as the link request. You can do that yourself, joker. Find the page you want, copy the url, come back here, hit the link called "link" and see how to do it.
snarfyguy, Mar 28 2003

       [marked–for–deletion] 1) gross-out humor – indiscriminately kill Iraqi’s via starvation using insect infestation to deplete food supplies. 2) Insect infestation is baked. 3) Intentionally introducing invasive species is illegal. 4) Rant - speculative accusation.
Shz, Mar 28 2003

       Shz, as much as I hate to, I must dispute every one of those mfd's. I hate the idea too, but it doesn't qualify for any of the things you state. 1) Gross-out humor is more along the lines of "snot-gun" or some such. 2) Deliberately introducing insect infestations to enemy territory (to my knowledge) is not baked, and even if it was, 'baked' is not grounds for deletion unless it's also widely known to exist, which this isn't, if it exists at all. 3) Illegal activities are not grounds for deletion. 4) I don't see how this could be considered a rant. The last sentence is ranty, but one sentence does not make a rant. It appears to be a legitimate idea to me. Bad, but legit.
waugsqueke, Mar 28 2003

       Well, I’m not the argumentative type waugs, so I have no intention of battling my position with you. But since I’m so literal I will explain my objections. Gross out humor in this case involves the use of a widely disliked insect that will bring about the death of countless people if applied as described (that logic is straight from the ‘help file’). Insect infestation is baked in sci-fi, and I’ve seen several ideas burn for this reason, though not necessarily provoking an MFD. Admittedly I listed grounds for deletion based on legalities and environmental concerns purely as a personally fueled rant. The last sentence of this idea clearly implies that Dubbya wouldn’t carry out such a plan because his intention is to take over the country, which falls under ‘me too’ and/or ‘you too’ in the current political environment. I’d say #1 and #4 are MFD material.
Shz, Mar 28 2003

       It is alleged that the Japanese dropped typhus-infected fleas in Manchuria in '37-'38 but there is conflicting evidence about this.
oneoffdave, Mar 28 2003

       Africanized honeybees (killer bees) used in a bomb like this would a very effective anti-personnel weapon. Start breeding the bees to be more ferocious than they currently are (which may not be neccessary) then seal the hive, queen and majority of the bees in the bomb.

Drop it on well dugin troops and watch as they all struggle between the choices of
1)run out of their cover into enemy fire (death)
2)sit around and become a victim of the bee swarm (death)

I think that cockroaches would be a pretty ineffectual weapon, so no the roaches cancel the bees, no fish, no bun.
scott_r_uber, Aug 14 2005

       at this point the army calls the exterminator, problem solved.
RichardT, Apr 21 2010

       Mandatory French reference: Don't bother using it on the french, it'd be the first battle they'd win (omnomnom).   

       (I will personally cockroach ANYBODY who meantions napol... wait, DAMNIT)
xxobot, Apr 21 2010


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