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Father, husband, comedy writer, idiot.

[Apr 27 2002]
(+1) Adjustable Multiple Picture Hangers
(-3) Cellular Watch
(+1) Childproof Television Remote
 Clear Fence
(+3, -2) Concept Stealing Awards
(+2, -1) Corporate Animals
 Dating House
(+2) Email Address Checker
(+1) Lifetime Prescriptions
(+1) Lojac for Kids
(+3) No More Letters Mixed With Numbers
 Non Drug Dollar Reporting
(+7) Perfect Hair Cut Duplicator
(+1) Plan Keepers
(+1, -3) Retail Customer Training
(-8)(-8) Reversed Insurance
(+7, -3) Sandwich Condiment Barrier
(+1) Slot Car Traffic
(+1) Spray on Bed Clothes
(-1) Tax Exemption for Military Personnel
(+1) The "Guy Pack" Card Set
 The Perfect Paint Car

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