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Sandwich Condiment Barrier

Edible textureless tasteless film
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No more soggy sandwiches!

Imagine a clear edible film that comes in sandwich-sized sheets. You simply place a sheet between the bread and the condiment. Hey, you could even produce them with vitamins or calcium.

jon3, Sep 20 2002

Laminaria http://www.orst.edu...gums/alginates.html
One of several comestible films [reensure, Sep 20 2002]


       I thought that was what the butter or margerine was for - to provide a hydrophobic barrier to stop the bread getting soggy.
8th of 7, Sep 20 2002

       I would be nice if this was available wouldn't it?
Zircon, Sep 20 2002

       Rice paper, with a thin layer of edible wax or fat on one side ?   

       Surely, it would reduce the adhesion between the filling and the bread, leading to slippage ?
8th of 7, Sep 20 2002

       This is why freshly-prepared sandwiches are superior. But perhaps you could pull the film out immediately before eating.
pottedstu, Sep 20 2002

       I do like that thought, potted. bit like adding toner to the photocopier. something holds the sandwich fast to the box as you yank the plastic sheet out.   

       mind you, soggy tomato sandwiches are rather lovely.
po, Sep 20 2002

phoenix, Sep 20 2002

       In Japanese supermarkets you can buy all sorts of tasty snacks which consist of something wrapped in a ball of sticky rice. Typically there are also sheets of dried seaweed involved which if allowed to get moist become leathery and inedible. I remember these being beautifully wrapped in clingfilm in such a way that as they are unwrapped sheets of clingfim are pulled out from between the rice and the seaweed and from between the rice and any other dry or crispy filling. This origami-like interleaving of food and clingfilm left me in awe of the packaging designers and should be easily applicable to sandwiches.
hippo, Sep 20 2002

       Lovely, condiments exploding in your mouth like roe.   

       (hmmm, "condiment caviar.")
bristolz, Sep 20 2002

       only Nick@Nite can make the contents of a sandwich sound like something my mechanic might do to my car's engine on its six month service.
po, Sep 20 2002

       Could it be wrapped around the perimeter of the sandwich, to keep the condiments from falling next to my tie?
lurch, Sep 21 2002

       Perhaps some kind of edible, modified spray adhesive?
rjfarquhar, Sep 02 2008

       It has been adapted for sandwiches in Japan.
Voice, Sep 02 2008


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