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The "Guy Pack" Card Set

A customized set of holiday/anniversary/birthday cards bought in a pack
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Let's face it, we guys suck at dealing with cards so we're always rushing out late at night to find some lame one. No one really expects too much from us in this area anyway so good quality cards would do the job... nothing too relationship specific of course.

Imagine buying one "Guy Pack" and you're set for a year. They could even be broken down into categories of numbers of children and living parents. If someone dies or is abducted by aliens, then you've got an extra card at the end of the year.

jon3, Dec 04 2002


       <reading card>"I'm sorry to hear that your son was abducted by aliens..."</rc>   

       Now I need an auto-mailer queue machine that can hookup to your PDA and mail 'em out all automatically. I hate dealing with cards.
RayfordSteele, Dec 04 2002

       2 in 1..Merry Birthday card.
skinflaps, Dec 04 2002

       Stickers with appropriate messages would be included in the guy pack - "Happy Birthday" - or "I'm sorry I missed your Birthday" or "Congratulations you got married" or "Sorry to hear about your Divorce" could be just selected from the messages and stuck on the message spot in the card.   

       Stick and Mail - - could even be sold with stamps already on the cards for greater ease in making it happen.
cdcm, Aug 23 2003

       jezz, this idea was pulled out far into the trash
dickity, Aug 23 2003

       Thrift shops often have leftover assorted mixed cards for 50¢ apiece. Why not buy 50 or so one day? You'll thank yourself later.
phundug, Aug 23 2003

       I'd forgotten about this idea. I reread it when it showed up and I like it even more. Like a fine wine I guess.
jon3, Aug 23 2003


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