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biologist (and recovering urban dilettante), Chicago IL, USA

[Jun 29 2003, last modified Jun 04 2003]

(+1, -4) Baseball rule change: Free Pass (FP) instead of IBB
(+2) chameleon salt
 dental floss cornsilk
 eceip tra teerts
 Eye pictograms on British kerbs
 'Fair market value' assessor escrow
 Fan participation orchestral tuning
 GPS+gyro gazetteer glasses
(+2, -1) Hiccup intervalometer
(+1) Horror infrasoundtrack
 Image plane digital (non-film) autofocus
 imaginary fundraising (the 'iOU' pyramid)
(+2) Jello electrophoresis fun!
(+1) Many-team ballgame
(+1) minimalist C/F thermometer
(+9)(+9) motel Darwin
 new car fuel precharge
(+4) Paleoacoustics
(+2) parrot shrink
(+3) Personal trolley cable hitch
(+1) pet dream videos
 public cellphone dummies
(+1) Reuleaux rover rollers
 Robot scout bee
(+15)(+15) Schwarzschild radius warning labels
(+3) Simon converted to DNA sequence entry device
(-1) Very low-altitude Terraserver
(+2) zero sum voyeur housing

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