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UK based unidexter oneoffdave@gmail.com

[Aug 29 2002, last modified Jun 06 2014]
(+3) Airbag Disarmer
(+1) Airbag Disarmer II
(+9)(+9) Buffing Escalator
(+3) Crutch Lights
(+6) De-Ice Lights
(+3) Digital Parking Disc
(+4, -1) Hand of God
(+9)(+9) Hole Punch Sharpener
(+2) Infection Control Hand Dryer
(+2) Memory Chairs
(+6) Moulage Suit
(+2) Multi-road Mirrors
(+2) 'Not Today' Badges/Buttons
(+6) Placebo Placebos
(+3) Rescue Jacks
(+9, -2) Rope Bridge Crossing
(+3) Self-cleaning Glasses
(+3) Self Evacuating Beds
(+1) Self Tanning Cosmesis
(+2) Silent 'Horn'
(+4) Steel Band Kitchen Sink
(+2, -4) SUV Stabiliser
(+10)(+10) Utility Limbs

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