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Digital Parking Disc

Displays the time you parked
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In the UK to enjoy the advantages of the parking concessions for disabled people you have to display a permit (the 'Blue Badge') on your dashboard. In order to park in cretain areas, you also need to display a parking disc. This is a carboard square with an inner wheel that you move to indicate what time you parked, thus indicating to the parking wardens how much of your 3 hour limit is left. Unfortunately, due to thier card construction, these discs become very tatty and hard to use before their 3 year life is up.

The Digital Parking Disc is a digital clock set into a square of thin plastic of similar dimensions to the cardboard parking disc. The display is normally blank, but when the activation button is pressed, the current time will be displayed and remain on the display for 3 hours.

Solar cells may be included to ensure that the battery life of the disc matches the duration of the permit.

oneoffdave, Mar 02 2004

Parking Disc http://www.nelincs....st+Lincolnshire.htm
The current design of disc [oneoffdave, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       This is a good idea and gets my vote, it could even be automatic, just a clock visible to the outdoors that automatically freezs the display each time the engine is turned off.
KiwiJohn, Mar 02 2004

       The 'Blue Bagde'?
waugsqueke, Mar 02 2004

       [waugsqueke] spelling corrected.
oneoffdave, Mar 03 2004

       [KiwiJohn] I was thinking of having it automatically freeze but the badge relates to the person rather than the car so would have to be easily transferred from car to car.
oneoffdave, Mar 03 2004

       Oneoffdave, sorry, I did not read it very well. OK, here is an idea, make a little clock with two displays. The clock has some sort of movement sensor which automatically freezes one display. So when the car is parked and movement stops so does one display.   

       The second display is to show current time so that the yellow-jackets can see you are not cheating by setting your clock fast.
KiwiJohn, Mar 03 2004

       [KiwiJohn] I like that idea. Should be fairly simple to implement too.
oneoffdave, Mar 03 2004


       I run a dutch in/export company that sells these things   


       The site is in dutch put ill guess you get the point   

       I am willing to export to the UK and/or make small changes to the product   


       P Boh info@parkeerschijf.com
FUNctional, Dec 02 2004

       Sounds like an in-car parking meter.
half, Mar 31 2005

       Press brake, turn key, move shift lever, release brake, press accelerator. That's my preferred way. Sometimes I have to manually push them, though.
half, Mar 31 2005


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