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Crutch Lights

See where you are going in the dark whilst on crutches
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Following a minor injury, I'm currently having to use crutches to get about. I was looking for something in the garage and found it really difficult to move about and hold a torch (flashlight, not burning brand) at the same time.

I propose that the handle of either one or both elbow crutches is hollowed out and a torch is inserted. The torch would be controlled by thumb switches on the handles.

Admittedly this would be expensive for short term users of crutches but those who rely on them more may find it useful and not quite as strange looking as wearing a head torch around the house.

oneoffdave, Mar 07 2003

Maybe adapt a couple of these... http://www.halfbake...idea/Todger_20Torch
See illustration by Bris. [egbert, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Pathlighter™ Cane http://www.pathlighter.com/
No torch, but helpful in the same regard. [Shz, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       or into work
bristolz, Mar 07 2003

       Based on my observations of my brother's long term use of crutches, this sounds quite practical. Can't let that stand: would the batteries be recharged by some sort of electromechanical generators embedded in the "feet" of the crutches?
half, Mar 07 2003

       Two mini-mag lites taped to the handles of your crutches doesn't seem like much of an invention. However, if you add gimballing devices to keep the lights always pointed directly ahead regardless of the crutch's orientation, then I'd be suitably impressed.
jurist, Mar 07 2003

       I worry about you [oneoffdave] speed, accidents and now fumbling around in the dark on crutches.   

       sometimes one needs to check the category for reassurance.
po, Mar 07 2003

       But they'd have to be in the handle [jurist] as just taping them on makes the handle diameter greater than my grip can encompass.
oneoffdave, Mar 07 2003

       Thank you for you concern [po]. I'm not as accident prone as I sound, honest.
oneoffdave, Mar 07 2003

       I was trying to talk you into mounting them a couple of inches above or below the handles and putting them on gimbals that keep the light beams parallel to the ground. Putting the lights into the handles means that you are going to be illuminating the ceiling on every upswing of the crutch...which may be okay, but isn't what I thought you envisioned.
jurist, Mar 07 2003

       I like the idea of that [jurist]. You'd have to mount them outboard of the crutches in order to get a good range of swing or have the shaft of the crutches split so that the light could hang there between the 2 halves if movment is only needed in the vertical.
oneoffdave, Mar 07 2003

       Miner's helmet, perhaps?
waugsqueke, Mar 07 2003

       Per jurist, there are plenty of clip-on lights designed for situations like this.
DrCurry, Mar 07 2003

       [Waugs] You did read the original idea, didn't you? He pretty much dismissed that idea at the outset.
jurist, Mar 07 2003

       Or paint the crutches with phosphorescent paint...
hippo, Mar 07 2003

       Maybe this is because i read the posted idea wrongly but there seems to be a sexual undercurrent to the annotations here.   

       [po] fumbling around in the dark on crutches.   

       [oneoffdave] mounting, swinging, shafts, split crutches and vertical movement.   

       [waugs] ahem! miner's helmet!?   

       Or is it just me??
squeak, Mar 07 2003

       The key drawback of using a clip-on light is that they usually mount outside the normal crutches and affect the width of the whole set up. Mounting it within the body of the crutches would mean that it's easier to always have the torch with you.
oneoffdave, Mar 07 2003

       perhaps the lights should be on the tips. point and see.
po, Mar 07 2003

       Maybe strap a Todger Torch to the handle? (linky).
egbert, Mar 07 2003

       // [Waugs] You did read the original idea, didn't you? He pretty much dismissed that idea at the outset. //   

       Well, he did say it was a minor injury.
waugsqueke, Mar 07 2003

       A TodgerTorch?? wonderful. Although unless you only wanted to light the area around your feet it would have to be used in conjunction with viagra ...or only by 16 year old boys.
squeak, Mar 07 2003

       Noooooo [egbert]. It's annos like these that give this place a good name.
squeak, Mar 07 2003

       Yes [waugs], I tripped over a child.
oneoffdave, Mar 07 2003


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