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A rather ordinary, anonymous nobody on the Internet. Nothing to see here. Nothing suspicious at all.

Interests: meteorology, climatology, geography, ecology, physics, mathematics

[Mar 09 2008, last modified Apr 05 2008]

(+13, -3)(+13, -3) Apocalypse Preserve
(+1, -2) Balloon Mines
(+17, -2)(+17, -2) Crying Crash Test Dummies
(+3, -4) Earthsail
(+1, -2) Energy Conservation Tax Rebates
(+5, -10)(+5, -10) Flesh Cube
(+36, -3)(+36, -3)(+36, -3) Guide to Rebuilding Society
(+7, -1) International Diplomacy TV Show
(+6) Jiggling Foot Generator
 Pepper Spray Shell for Tanks
(+6) Scream-o-Tron
(+3, -2) Space Freezer
(+6) Walk-Thru Library

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