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Jiggling Foot Generator

Put that restless leg energy to good use
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Many people have a tendency to jiggle their leg sometimes when sitting still. This problem is especially pronounced in places like lecture halls in College, during examinations. My invention would put that energy to good use by putting small pedals, like a sewing machine pedal, roughly in the areas where most people are expected to put their feet, and have the lever of the pedal turn a crank, which powers a small generator.

Taking together all the crowded lecture halls and amphitheatres and hospital waiting rooms and all places where people sit idly for a while, the sum power generated by idle foot motion must be truly astounding.

qt75rx1, Mar 17 2008



       I think you mean 'generator'.   

       /the sum power generated by idle foot motion must be truly astounding./   

       Maybe for a hamster.
Texticle, Mar 17 2008

       I've a nephew who could light up a bulb or two, his nervous energy is mind-boggling. Sunday dinner at the grands' place is always accompanied by the background music of the silver in the china cabinet tinkling.   

       It usually starts right around the end of the meal. Without having to concentrate on chewing, his leg goes into overdrive.
elhigh, Mar 17 2008

       You might be surprised to know that the XO (aka OLPC aka One Laptop Per Child) has this available as an option for delivery to villages/schools without power. It's a small box with a pull-string like a lawnmower starter cord. They say one minute of foot jiggling will give you ten minutes of power.
BunsenHoneydew, Mar 17 2008


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