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Pepper Spray Shell for Tanks

For effective urban crowd control
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Combines the most terrifying aspects of two wholly separate worlds: the armoured invincibility of a tank rolling down Broadway towards you, and the horror of getting your eyes filled with agonizing, burning chemical hell.

Essentially an enormous shotgun shell for a tank, the pepper-spray shell directs a cone of pepper spray in the immediate area about ten to twenty metres ahead of the tank's barrel, covering everyone and everything within the radius with pepper spray.

Use it to break up riots and squash protestors opposed to your dictatorial regime.

qt75rx1, Mar 10 2008

Pepperbag Shotgun Shells Pepperbag_20Shotgun_20Shells
Similar idea [skinflaps, Mar 10 2008]


       I think people would die of shock from getting their entire body coated in pepper spray.
rascalraidex, Mar 10 2008

       Riot controll armoured vehicles, the ones usually armed with water cannons can also deploy additives in the water. AFAIK irritants are commonly used in the water stream. I'll chase a link before I call this baked.   

       How about loading the smoke shell launchers with CS canisters?   

       I hear the Israeli army has been seeing good results from the beehive rounds they use. Maybe you should just use them.   

Custardguts, Mar 10 2008

       Beehive rounds are not what I initally thought. There might be something in that ...
sprogga, Mar 11 2008

       The impact would still be lethal, wouldn't it? And/or possibly too directional? What about hull-mounted pepper grenades (triggered from inside the tank) for when the crowd has already surrounded the tank - a non-lethal substitute for hull-mounted flechette grenades?
pertinax, Mar 11 2008

       If a tank is necessary, lethality would seem to be less than a primary concern.
nuclear hobo, Mar 11 2008

       // a non-lethal substitute for hull-mounted flechette grenades? //   

       Heavilly seasoned reactive armour ?   

       "Look out ! It's a Vindaloo Mk. IV !"
8th of 7, Mar 12 2008

       // including capsaicin. //   

       And Kylie Minogue ?
8th of 7, Mar 12 2008

       I would not consider Kylie especially spicy. Maybe a tad vegemity, if anything.
bungston, Mar 12 2008

       Go on, lick it off, you know you want to....
8th of 7, Mar 12 2008


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