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Sonam Chauhan

[May 19 2007, last modified Feb 04 2009]
(+2, -4) 20 Billion Daily Saltwater Nasal Rinses and Gargles for Covid-19
 Air-Driven Touch Interface
(+2, -1) Assembling a reconfigurable red light therapy device
(+5, -1) Blimp with magnetometer for landmine removal
(+2, -3) Cancer
(-1) Deflate tyres during emergency stops
(+11, -1)(+11, -1) Ferrofluid touch interface
(+2, -1) Graft normal tissue into tumors to reprogram cells and stop the cancer
(+3, -1) How about *you* call me?
(+1, -2) Magazines with DVDs
 Ultrasound glove to break up clots
(-1) Use your smartphone to identify yourself to physical sellers
(+2, -1) Use your smartphone to login to websites ...
(+1) UVC Light Oral Device for Covid-19

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