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Ultrasound glove to break up clots

Having a heart attack? A massage with an ultrasound glove could break up that nasty clot blocking an artery
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Ultrasound waves can be used to break up clots in blood vessels (see link).

When a heart attack is caused by a blocked artery, perhaps massaging the chest with a glove laden with ultrasonic transducers can break up the clot. The fingers could be used to focus ultrasound waves to the probable of the clot. Maybe the transducer array could be driven as a phased-array to generate a spiral wave that puts additional shear stress on the clot (see link).

sonam, Jun 09 2024

New Tool Uses Ultrasound ‘Tornado’ to Break Down Blood Clots https://news.ncsu.e...k-down-blood-clots/
News report on a catheter that generates spiral ultrasound wavess to break down blood clots [sonam, Jun 09 2024]

Non-Invasive Thrombolysis Using Pulsed Ultrasound Cavitation Therapy – Histotripsy https://www.ncbi.nl...rticles/PMC2796469/
From 2009: "Ultrasound has been known for several decades to promote clot breakdown" [a1, Jun 09 2024]

Developmental notes from 2012 https://www.medical...ks-down-blood-clots
Key point: "The histotripsy procedure is guided and monitored by ultrasound imaging in real time, and research is in progress for its use in noninvasive, highly controlled surgery in deep organs." [a1, Jun 09 2024]

Woojer strap https://youtu.be/AI...si=3Pd__RfTB3_bPh9m
I wonder if this might be applicable for such a use. They now have a vest model. [21 Quest, Jun 09 2024]

Don't wanna be this guy: https://ph.pinteres...368169338287542750/
"Uhh, MFD, WIBNI, let's all, plus you used words that are already widely known to exist. Uhh, check the help file like I do twenty times a day." [doctorremulac3, Jun 09 2024]


       Interesting idea, and I hate to be one of those critical trolls that make this place suck, but knowing a little about such things, you don't want a chunk of plaque going "downstream" and getting into the brain where it can do real damage. The link shows a catheter being used to vacuum the thing out which is promising, but this isn't like a clogged drain in your house where clogs just go into the sewer, this is a closed system and if blockages get dislodged they can cause more damage by blocking a more critical part of the body, again namely, the brain. Now if you have a mechanism to remove it, that's fine, you just don't want it flowing around through the bloodstream. If the particles are small enough, that's one thing, but something powerful enough to impart that breaking up of a coronary artery blockage by getting through the chest or other body parts in front of the clot is going to be pretty hard to control without just blowing everything up into big fragments that could cause real damage.   

       Again, apologies for being an obnoxious "Uh uhhh!" troll. Not doing that MFD thing though, if something creates an interesting discussion that passes my personal test for leaving it up. (Although my personal test doesn't count.) Accept my apology bun. [+]
doctorremulac3, Jun 09 2024

       The "new tool" you linked from over a year ago uses a transducer on a catheter inside the blood vessel. But the ability to break up clots with externally applied ultrasound has known and used for decades. You still need a sonogram or some other way to precisely locate the clot and focus on it - you wouldn't be able to guess accurately enough by pointing your fingers.   

       "Oops, missed the clot and ruptured an adjacent vessel. Let me try again."
a1, Jun 09 2024


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