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Use your smartphone to login to websites ...

Use your smartphone to login to websites ...
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Use your smartphone to login to websites. The website displays a unique QR code on your computer screen. Your mobile scans the code, then provide your stored credentials to the website, logging you in. You can scan phone content onto the site, switch sessions between devices, make payments (using payment data stored on your phone), transfer information between devices, etc.
sonam, Apr 25 2017

Open Sesame App Open_20Sesame_20App
Now quite well baked [mitxela, Apr 26 2017]

SQRL https://www.grc.com/sqrl/sqrl.htm
Pretty much baked, and extremely well [notexactly, Apr 27 2017]


       I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.   

       It is like IN the opening song of "The Music Man".   

       "Whatda ya say. Whatdayasay. Whatdayasay. Whatda yasay."
popbottle, Apr 25 2017

       I like it. But how do you login to websites with your phone? Mirror? :-)
ixnaum, Apr 25 2017


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