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Traffic Jam Action

Spiders correct, Police (UK) say use all lanes, where lanes merge.

Drivers tend to feel that the bloke in the outer lane is cutting in, he is of course, he has to up the road, but if we used all lanes, and as a lane is merged, drivers followed advice to let ONE vehicle in, the one in front, the traffic would, surely, be more likely to flow? A cars in front if its even only partly ahead, ok? the gracious driver can even signal that he or she is giving way.

Instead of the above scenario, traffic tends to stay in the inner lane, well it does in the UK, knowing that lanes merge ahead, or somethings happened out of sight up the road. Drivers' then try to keep the vehicle in the outer lane out. Reasoning that drivers who didn't move over into the inner lane were just trying to jump the queue.

[Jan 05 2002, last modified Dec 28 2010]

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