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Traffic speed control

make roads narrower to slow traffic down
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Whilst people should realise that they should travel through villages and hamlets at a sensible speed, not necessarily the maximum speed, usually 30mph in the UK. A lot do not, even in their own village. This idea is to park vehicles to deliberately slow down traffic in locations that cannot be controlled by police (rural) Allowance would need to be made to ensure that emergency vehicles would not be delayed. perhaps vehicles that have failed the MOT test, and would normally be scrapped could be used, a random decision to "park" police vehicles at varying times could also be used. This idea would cost nothing. I already do this, but not every day, I push my wing mirror in to minimise damage.
uked, Feb 08 2003


       Mstaphkar: There he goes again
Akbr: Aye, the village idiot
Mstaphkar: Can't see the rear side
Akbr: Aye, the village idiot
thumbwax, Feb 08 2003


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