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Safer Driving

remove heavy goods vehicles from roads to rail
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drivers of light vehicles: cars, motor bikes and cycles dont stand much chance in a collision with a heavy goods vehicle.

A special category of vehicle based on weight could be awarded a permit to travel on special roadways, perhaps similar to bridle ways. At present cycling on existing roads is too dangerous. Its also sensible to avoid buying a lighter vehicle that would have little protection in an accident with a goods vehicle.

Railways could made into roadways, in countries where space is at a premium and be devoted to heavy goods traffic.

uked, Dec 27 2002


       Logistics, cost and due dates determine if shipments are by rail or road.
thumbwax, Dec 27 2002

       put bikes and light vehicles onto heavy goods vehicles. put heavy goods vehicles onto trains. make railway lines into roads. no wait...
po, Dec 27 2002

       I thought it was local and express on the Turnpike, with most trucks in the express lanes as they're generally on longer hauls.
snarfyguy, Dec 27 2002

       Hey, just ban women and old people from driving and you have already solved the problem...as facist as that sounds....
Juleus, Dec 28 2002

       no room for facists here, sorry.
po, Dec 28 2002

       Just a suggestion....get rid of all the white cops and we could solve crime
Juleus, Dec 28 2002


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