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All The News That Wasn't

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Our service will, for a fee, send you copies of old newspaper pages, but instead of the actual headlines, you get whatever headlines you request, with hand-created stories to match. The pages are nicely fake-aged and could easily fool a casual glance. The banners are those of real newspapers, used with permission.

Want to commemorate the day Martians landed in Central Park? Now you can. How about the first sucessful experiments in unassisted human levitation? Maybe the time a tiger escaped from the zoo and was later found at a middle school across town, being petted by five girls and purring? Or, if you're a more mundane sort, the day Gore won the 2000 presidential election (a very popular one, that!), or when your favorite baseball team won the World Series, or the attempted assasination of John Lennon and his subsequent personal capture of the gunman, assisted by a cheering crowd. Maybe you just like the Style section, but would like it even more if it discussed the new trend toward formal kilts in businesswear.

Name the story and the date, and out expert team of writers and photo manipulators will create it, just for you. Suitable for framing. Extra postage due to tube mailer rates. Allow 6-10 weeks for delivery.

gisho, Oct 31 2008


       As in, The Onion?
snoyes, Mar 12 2009

       If a reputable newspaper company went along with this, their reputation woule be trashed... but I guess you can always claim that the newspaper article was printed before this company became corrupt.
knowtion, Mar 12 2009

       Could be used to fool unwary time travellers into believing they'd travelled into an alternate dimension.
zen_tom, Mar 12 2009

       is there a standard five month delay on annotations now? should i have waited till august to ask this question?
k_sra, Mar 12 2009


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