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Anti-drunk driving car park

Car park that won't let our your car until the morning
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Entertainment districts with lots of bars should have parking garages that you can enter in the evening (for a much reduced rate) but that won't let your car out until the next day. This would force people to find alternate ways home (taxis, etc.) and to come back and get their car the next day, as they should be doing anyway.
schnitzi, Dec 30 2007


       I work there. The not drinking part is rather unlikely isn't it?
zeno, Dec 30 2007

       And we have a carpark that is free if you check out after midnight. So we sit around waiting.
zeno, Dec 30 2007

       I never drink and drive.
zeno, Dec 30 2007

       Just thought I should mention it.
zeno, Dec 30 2007

       //'m referring to the people who work in the area, use the carpark and can't get their car out because the %$&$@!$* carpark has confiscated it.//   

       the idea is it's *voluntary*, tell the attendant when you come in and you get the reduced-rate; don't bother and it's just a parking garage.
might I suggest provision be given for a cab stand, also.
FlyingToaster, Dec 30 2007

       Yes, the idea is that this is just ONE option; if you don't drink, or you work there, or you need to get your car out that evening, you can park somewhere else.
schnitzi, Dec 30 2007

       There is rarely a problem getting into a major town or city centre, because the time of travel is usually early to mid evening, and public transport is still operational.   

       The problem is getting home when not only is the hour late (or, indeed, early), there are no trains or buses, but also one is tired, possibly emotional, possibly sleepy, possibly wearing most of the curry one tried to eat, and possibly wearing a traffic cone or other item of street furniture (or male/female clothing) on one's head.   

       What are the options ?   

       1) A taxi 2) Sleeping in a shop doorway 3) Walking home in the rain 4) HB-designed "beer scooter" technology.   

       Any suggestions .... ?
8th of 7, Dec 30 2007

       I've always wondered why bar owners didn't invest in the purchase/lease of one of those vans typically used by airport car rental agencies and airport hotels to ferry patrons to and from their places of business. If a bar had a "cool" one of those, running continuously throughout the evening, customers would drink more safely.
Arcana, Jan 01 2008

       Some rural pubs in the UK do this, but the economics are marginal. Where they exist, they are generally pretty popular. But in a scattered rural community, they have to cover a lot of miles for relatively few customers.   

       The problem in a town is "why me ?" i.e. if one establishment runs such a shuttle service, others will benefit without contributing. Patrons may have one drink in the establishment financing the bus, then go on to somewhere they prefer as a drinking (and money spending) venue.   

       A collective bus subsidised by all the potential beneficiaries might work .... but who decides when and where it runs ?   

       Why doesn't public transport run late at night ?   

       1. Lack of demand (= revenue)
2. Risk of violence/robbery for staff.
3. Unsocial hours, therefore higher staff costs.
4. Cost of cleaning and/or repairing vehicles

       and those are just the basic problems.   

       However this is a field in which innovation would be welcomed with open arms, as in, "I love you.... i do... really.... you're my bestest mate, you are.... yeah... bestestetst ever friend.... whazza.... wha'.... you are .... bes' mate, honest ......"
8th of 7, Jan 01 2008


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