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Anti-theft Mesh Screens

Go ahead, leave your wallet on the seat!
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A screen made of cut-resistant wire mesh or Kevlar that is set into a frame placed just inside the glass on all of the car windows. In normal use, the frame (being flexible) is retracted into the paneling. When the car is parked and locked, however, the frames are automatically extended into place, preventing the common "smash and grab" type theft.
ytk, Jun 13 2012


       You could just as easily have opaque screens. Or reflective screens, to reduce solar heating of the car. And the potential smasher would have no idea if it was worth the effort to smash. Imagine filling the car with pressurized knockout gas --the smasher will be right there to get a face-full of it. And the cops can be called automatically by the car, when it detects a smash....
Vernon, Jun 14 2012

       [21 Quest], that would be The Punisher. In the movie, he only drives it for a short time, then crashes; but the armour does save his life (he crashes because he's being shot at).
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 14 2012

       Some sort of fabric might be incorporated as well, for the dual purpose of keeping snoops from looking in and keeping the heat from the sun out. But it would have to be clear from looking at the mesh that it's there mainly for security purposes, to dissuade someone from smashing the window on the basis that the screens might be there because there's something valuable they're hiding.
ytk, Jun 14 2012


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