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Carjack prevention

Remotely kill your car's engine after it is stolen
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Carjackings are scary, but common sense says it's best to give up the car.

How about if there was a special remote (or perhaps telephone number+pin) that the victim could activate after the thief drives away that would automatically disconnect the car's battery 60 seconds later? The car would stop close enough that it can be found, but far enough away that the foiled thief could not come running back to beat the crap out of the owner.

MrGeek, Jul 28 2004

GPS2000 Vehicle tracking system http://www.gps2000online.com/
A gawdawful website but the system offers theft notification, vehicle tracking, two way communication via cellphone, remote fuel cutoff, door locking and unlocking, remote horn honking, etc. It can even call you if someone is speeding in your car. [bristolz, Oct 17 2004]

Remote vehicle control from phone or computer http://www.car-com.net
Other possibilities to annoy carjackers and thieves. [bristolz, Oct 17 2004]

Yet more telematic theft and remote vehicle control. http://www.directed...ysense/article2.asp
Told in cheeseball story form. [bristolz, Oct 17 2004]


       I've heard of systems that will disable the vehicle after a given time has elapsed if the door is opened and closed with the engine running.
half, Jul 28 2004

       perhaps the same system could be adapted to not only cut the engine, but also lock the seat belt in place [presumption that they are safety conscious] to delay their escape from the car, and allow one to run up behnd them with a great big dirty baseball bat!
mountain, Jul 29 2004

       Sounds good to me... might as well activate a tracking device (GPS?) and call the cops too (+)
luecke, Jul 29 2004

       Why not take it a step further? The bastard's stolen your car...if you've taken preventive measures, parlay your inconvenience into fun! Lipstick-cameras will record the look on the would-be thief's face when he/she is trapped to the car seat via remote-activated straps and subjected to the confusion of an annoying recording of your choosing at full blast, i.e. a loop of Mariah Carey hitting that "really" high note, or the most irritating 5 seconds of a Michael Bolton song, and the realization of their imminent apprehension. The perpetrator is then arrested, tried, and sentenced as usual, with the added humiliation of having their detainment in your car and subsequent apology broadcast in Times Square. At his/her expense, you receive a copy gratis, in a format of your choice.   

       *cackles evilly*
hydrophonic, Jul 29 2004

       Darn good concept: Non intrusive ... and with other uses like cold startup of car in winter via cell phone control. This idea is not too far off and would be a great feature incorporated into that OnStar tracking & communications device ... and I believe they can actually report stolen cars, but can they stop the engine?
fasteddy, Jul 29 2004


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