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Auto Maxi Lift

Resistance will increase automatically to maximum you can lift
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I get sick of going to the gym and seeing these people who spend their whole session lifting weights that are far too light for them - if they dont lift near to their maximum weight then they will never gain muscle (they never do) This isnt just to help those guys out it would also help myself and anyone wishing to gain muscle.

There are many ways to train but one of the most popular is to do some excercises with a really light weight to warm your muscles and tendons, then do a series of weights until you get to the one that you can only just lift for 8 repetitions.

I am very sure that some teethed tracks and sprung loaded clips could let you select a starting weight, making it increasingly difficult through the repetitions until you get to the point where you are struggling and it realises this because you drop the weight down a bit half way through the rep so it selects a slightly lighter weight to allow you to finish that rep.

This way you are allowing yourself to lift the heaviest weight possible therefore getting the most out of your gym session.

meggabrain, Sep 14 2005


       I'm not much (ie not at all) into gym culture and stuff like that, but this has the makings of a very good idea. Please work out exactly how you plan to do this and tell us within the body of your idea. Then I will give you a bun. Unless it involves melons.
wagster, Sep 14 2005

       You actually get sick about this?
bristolz, Sep 14 2005

       I can think of many good reasons for exercising with weights that are not near my maximum weight. It all depends what kind of exercising I want to do.   

       But back to the point: the mechanism should involve a trickle of sand. And maybe empty melon shells.   

DrCurry, Sep 14 2005

       [Pats DrCurry gently on the head.]
Detly, Sep 15 2005


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