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Automated Resistance Training

Restrict your own muscle movement
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You know thos pads you stick to either side of a muscle and it flexes it?

The same thing, but different.

Say on your tricep is a sensor, that sees when and how much your muscle is being contraced. It then would automatically signal to send small load to your bicep, making every movement slightly harder.

A whole undersuit could be constructed, and you could build your muscles up by just being you.

Giblet, May 07 2005


       Might work. You can do this yourself to some degree if you have good muscle control. A suit like this would be a boon to lazy people everywhere. Especialy me.
Jawzx, May 07 2005

       You're describing a suit that amplifies every body movement by 100-fold, so that you work hard just to stay in control. Very funny visual.
reensure, May 07 2005

       Almost like you're moving through custard at all times.
Giblet, May 08 2005

       I heard those electric pads do not work. I know people in my "kung fu" class who wear special weights around the legs and arms however.   

       The other option is a physical device that fits around your joints making it harder to movie, sort of like a brace w/ the tension set to high so its hard to move. "did you hurt yourself?" - "Nope. I'm working out right now."
SpocksEyebrow, May 08 2005

       Ah, weighted stuff... Great for practical jokes! I played this little trick on my elder brother when he went to camp, I put a load of lead fishweights at the bottom of his bag, and he had a bin-liner over the top, so he didn't notice until he was unpacking his bag when we got home. He still thinks it was his pal David from down the road...
Pretty much the same principal [Spock]

       I must agree with [reensure]. Very funny visuals...
froglet, May 08 2005

       Our Imperial Forces will crush the Automated Resistance.
normzone, May 08 2005

       Sounds like an absolute nightmare to program so that the user is still able to function normally, but pretty good as a concept.
Skrewloose, Dec 03 2008


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