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Ballooned Cartoon

A boon to communicating common senses
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Cartoons and comic strips typically use speech and thought balloons to show which characters are saying or thinking what. To better convey the full range of feelings and atmosphere in a cartoon narrative, each drawn person could be festooned with a veritable platoon of sensory balloons.

The reader would be more attuned with the characters balloon-strewn to demonstrate also what they’re seeing, tasting, smelling and hearing. To better understand, click below soon.

FarmerJohn, Apr 25 2004

ballooned cartoon http://www.geocitie...nie/ballooned.html?
[FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004]

Plewds, Briffits & Squeans, oh my! http://en.wikipedia...Lexicon_of_Comicana
The lexicon of cartoons. [bonkers777, Dec 31 2008]


       What! No maledicta?
bristolz, Apr 25 2004

       What! Like #%&+*@}=!?
FarmerJohn, Apr 25 2004

       Ahhhh! That floating hunk head is trying to poke her eye out!   

       Maybe if you had a way of differentiating sense balloons from thought and speech balloons... I can't tell what stuff is being said and what's being felt/thought.   

       You didn't come up with this just so you could use "cartoon" "festoon" "platoon" and "balloons" all in the same sentence, did you?
gastronaut, Apr 25 2004

       No, and I thought it was pretty obvious which sense is involved by seeing where the balloon originates.
FarmerJohn, Apr 25 2004

       This site is like a woman. After two years here, for the life of me, I still don't have a friggin clue what will fly and what will bomb.
FarmerJohn, Apr 27 2004

       Farmer johnnie, I like it, but I think It has been baked in the Sunday funnies.
dentworth, Apr 27 2004

       //This site is like a woman. After two years here, for the life of me, I still don't have a friggin clue what will fly and what will bomb.// and there must be 10 times as many men as women to achieve that effect.
po, Apr 27 2004

       [blea] It's the smell of her perfume.
FarmerJohn, Apr 27 2004

       Maybe a version where there are just the thought balloons, and the reader must imaginarily provide the dialogue?
phundug, Apr 27 2004

       How about changing the shape of the balloons, as well?
Dagger = evil thoughts
Heart = loving thoughts etc.
Of course, the words in the balloon could contradict the shape of the balloon.
Ling, Apr 27 2004

       Traditionally thought bubbles are drawn with a chain of circles rather than a point. You could extend this idea with wavy lines for smell, transverse lines for sound and so on.   

Loris, Apr 27 2004


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