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In a category far, far away, someone posted a crossword clue which is, as far as I can tell, bogus. It was "Bertrand oddly revolves".

As far as I can establish, there is no plausible solution to this clue. In a cryptic crossword, you would expect the answer to be either "Brrn" (the odd letters of Bertrand), or possibly an anagram of "Bertrand", or equally "Rsel" or an anagram of "Russell". But none of those answers means "revolves". Or it might be that the odd letters (or an anagram) of "Revolves" is the surname of a famous Bertrand, but again this is not the case. Hence there is no plausible solution.

However, there is perhaps a game to be had in contriving plausible explanations linking random cryptic clues to arbitrary solutions. For example, given the above clue ("Bertrand oddly revolves") and the solution ("orbits"), can one find a way from clue to solution, in keeping with the conventions of cryptic crosswords?

Points would be awarded for the contender who comes up with the least convoluted and most convincing route from clue to solution.

MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 02 2012


       Wow - [Simpleton] wins the first round hands down.   

       8 across: "Hollow ungulate lacks footwear". Answer: "resonant".
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 03 2012

       Step 1: When I read this post I thought of the word "eccentric."   

       Step 2: When I think of the word "eccentric," bakers in the HB come to mind.   

       Step 3: When I think of reasons why the word hasn't been mentioned yet by the aforementioned bakers, I think of Einstein's quote, "...Fish will be the last to discover water..."   

       Step 4: See Step 1.   

       <GROG now caught in endless loop. Move along please. Nothing to see here.>
Grogster, Nov 03 2012

       Head is spinning. Please make it stop.
blissmiss, Nov 03 2012

       Bertrand Piccard, solo global circumnavigational balloonist, followed an eccentric course due to the semi-parabolic path of the Jet Stream. That's my bid.
Alterother, Nov 03 2012

       Sometimes if I'm lying in bed late at night I'll think of a random word and try to come up with a satisfying crossword clue for it. Last night I came up with:

Messy attic reorganised methodically (10)
hippo, Nov 06 2012


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