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Belly Button Amorometer

Think before you push
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“Oh love pudding, here’s a cute little present from you. Huh? It’s tied to another with the same ribbon. And the other one’s to you?”
”Cuddle bug, they come as a pair! Take a look at yours.”
”Hmmm, a little gizmo with a tiny screen and a heart-shaped button. What can it be?”
”It’s called a belly button amorometer, I guess because it can be hooked on your belt or put in your pocket.”
”Well, how does it work, sugar lips?”
”OK, uh…what are you thinking about right now?”
”Why, my honey chick, of course!”
”Then push on the button. There, see it’s registered on the screen.”
”So every time I think of you I press here? Hey, the gadget doesn’t work anymore!”
”No cheating butter bean, you can’t hit it more often than once a minute. Now, when we’re apart, we press once every time we think of the other, and then when we meet, after we’ve cooled down, we check our totals and then zero the register for the next time.”
”Gosh fuzzy doll, what a great gift. Where did you find it?”
”On a passion-tech site. I’ve also ordered flowers to be sent to my yummy possum after the New Year. They’ve got pre-counted blossoms.”
”Sure, they only deliver flowers with an odd number of petals.”
”Aha! ‘She loves me. She loves me not. She loves me…’. My pickle bottom is sooo romantic.
FarmerJohn, Dec 22 2003

Strap *this* to your bellybutton http://www.halfbake...cket_20Warm_20Fuzzy
[Helium, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       This one sounds like one of those lose-lose situations for me....If I fell behind in the scoring, there'd be a price to pay. Might sell a lot to insanely jealous types.   

       Still, I salute your creativity even as I cast my line and begin reeling in....
normzone, Dec 22 2003

       Pickle Bottom?
thumbwax, Dec 22 2003

       Pickle Bottom?? Life sure is strange down on the farm.
DrBob, Dec 22 2003

       What's the point? Love is already a battlefield, no need to add a scorecard.
motive power, Dec 22 2003

       Just as well I've also got my patent Automatic Belly Button Amorometer Pusher, timed to go off every minute. That way I'm sure to win. <evil laugh>
PeterSilly, Dec 22 2003

       That's the spirit.   

       //pickle bottom// But you're OK with love pudding, cuddle bug, sugar lips, honey chick, butter bean, fuzzy doll and yummy possum?
FarmerJohn, Dec 22 2003

       Not your most inspired, methinks. Turkey stuffing.
DrCurry, Dec 22 2003

       Yep, they all sound OK Farmer, although I guess that Yummy Possum could have different connotations in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
DrBob, Dec 22 2003

       Sickly sweet, John. Sends a shiver down my belly button.
k_sra, Dec 22 2003

       Nice profile page you have.
FarmerJohn, Dec 22 2003

       "The better to eat you with, my dear!"   

       Oh, wait, wrong answer...
k_sra, Dec 22 2003

       too funny, laughing thru tears now, thanks to [bliss]
dentworth, Nov 05 2004


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