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Bid on people's help, not items.
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I envision this as an eBay for services.

A. You would like to grow a garden in your backyard. You have a very vague idea of how to accomplish that task, what tools you need, what you can plant and when, and so on.

B. Your car is leaking coolant. You decide to fix it yourself. You have all the tools in your garage and a general understanding of how to do some engine work but you would like it if someone was there to help you or do it for you, or teach you.

C. You need someone to mow your lawn because you're too busy and you are willing to pay someone $20 for it.

You log on to this website and either browse for help offerings by category or post your need and the price you are willing to pay. Then, people in your area who are A) experienced gardeners, B) hobbyist or professional auto mechanics and C) the neighborhood kid, can all bid for your projects.

OR, if someone offers their services to help you with gardening, automotive work, or anything else, you can try to bid on those services and see if the person accepts.

There can be lots of other features here but that's the basic idea. And, the site gets a cut from each transaction.

genEus, May 28 2008


       Kind of already done by Craigslist, but Ebay was kind of already done by classified ads and garage sales. [+]
Noexit, May 28 2008

       Already baked. Ebay has some listings for people who perform services.
Jscotty, May 30 2008


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