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You think it up…we drop it.
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Our company is glad to announce our service for dropping objects for you. Our fees are based upon the item chosen and the height from which it is dropped. All items can be dropped onto our large concrete pad, or into our adjoining lake, as desired. E-mail us for pricing of alternate surfaces.

Live video is available, online. For only USD$25.00 additional, we will mail you a DVD of your drop. We videotape from the balloon and also from the impact zone.

Some of our customers have chosen to drop bowling balls from 10,000 feet and some have chosen television sets. You are limited only by your imagination and budget. We can also add streamlining for larger items to increase the impact speed.

We are currently running an internet special: Refer a friend and receive $15 off of your next drop.

Klaatu, Jan 24 2005

The inspiration... http://www.cleverdo...9&Cat=Entertainment
He sometimes dropped things off the top of the studio building [Klaatu, Jan 24 2005]

Giant Rubber Ball http://icwales.icne...l&objectid=12779931
He thought he'd make a 14ft ball of elastic bands and drop it from a plane. My kinda guy. [wagster, Jan 24 2005]

We Blow IT Up http://www.weblowitup.com/
Similar service. Guess what they do? [Acme, Jan 31 2005]

Blendtec answer the question http://www.willitblend.com/
Will it blend? [Soapy, Jun 06 2007]


       Hmm, television set. My mother-in-law should be out in the garden this afternoon. Any chance you could drop by my house say around two o'clock? Very much appreciated.
JungFrankenstein, Jan 24 2005

       How much for employers? I'll take the concrete pad, thanks. I'll pay extra if it's freshly poured, not-yet-set concrete.
contracts, Jan 24 2005

       Are the items supplied by client or BalloonDrop?
JeremiahBritt, Jan 24 2005

       I'd like to drop a ton of feathers.
FarmerJohn, Jan 24 2005

       Oh and.. who's in charge of the remains? Can you handle that? Thanks again.
JungFrankenstein, Jan 24 2005

       I'd like to drop a ton of feathers - attached to chickens. I bet if we bred them fast enough in factory farms and dropped enough of them and bred the survivors we could speed up evolution and teach / breed them to fly.
cuckoointherye, Jan 24 2005

       It would be great if we could order the pieces, too. Drop a TV, pay 25 USD or whatever plus S&H, get 30 pounds of broken plastic, and a video of how it got that way.
shapu, Jan 24 2005

       Cuckoo, You sometimes seem inspired by Bug-Eyed-Earl over at www.redmeat.com.
JungFrankenstein, Jan 24 2005

       All items are to be supplied by BalloonDrop.com and the rates are set by the item(s) dropped and the height of the drop. Televisions may be dropped "new", non-working, or (if you want to pay for a long-ish extension cord) plugged in.   

       All clean-up is performed by our staff. If you would like to take the "remains" home, we can arrange for you to witness the live drop from our headquarters, here in Buttocks, Texas, and to take them with you afterwards.
Klaatu, Jan 24 2005

       The successor company to the old Cheech & Chong routine, the game show called "Catch It, and You Keep It !"
normzone, Jan 25 2005

       How much extra is it to have the camera mounted on the thing you're dropping?
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 25 2005

       //How much extra is it to have the camera mounted on the thing you're dropping?//   

       Actually, we are in the planning stages for this option. We have thought of using a bungee system for the camera to follow the fall of your selected object.
Klaatu, Jan 25 2005

       Cool. I want to drop a watermellon stuffed pumpkin.   

       // We have thought of using a bungee system for the camera to follow the fall of your selected object. //   

       You could drop the camera attached to a similar object to the one being filmed, so they fall at the same rate (air resistance means that this is less than the maximum that would be achieved in vacuuo). So the camera is destroyed - who cares? It was transmitting the video to a receiver on the ground, so you've got the pictures anyway.
Cosh i Pi, Jun 07 2007

       With modern solid state hardware, a transmitting wireless camera array could be put inside a transparent shock mounting (perhaps a giant rubber ball?) and I see no reason why it wouldn't survive.   

       I'd also bury a camera looking up from a windowed pit just next to the drop zone.   

       The combined video feeds would be most excellent.
Soapy, Jun 12 2007

       [Soapy] Indeed it would probably be possible to make a camera-transmitter that would survive the drop - but it would also be possible to make one so cheap it wouldn't matter if it didn't.   

       If it's going to survive the drop anyway, it's purely an engineering choice whether to record locally or transmit.
Cosh i Pi, Jun 12 2007


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