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Biofeedback in your sleep

Sounds, massage, whatever works for you
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There are massage beds and little sound devices that help you to relax. Combine these with a set of electrodes to register brain wave patterns and a computer. The user lies down (with the electrodes on) and makes a basic selection like "just relax", "nap", "deep sleep". After that the system makes some tentative massage moves and/or sounds. If the response of the person, as measured by brainwaves, is positive the system continues with minor variations seeking for an optimum response.

The system is a neural network training itself. Eventually it should find an optimum path to guide a person from wakefulness to deep sleep, or whatever state was desired. It could also be used to calm down people who tend to have nightmares or for comfort adjustments like turning on a heater when the sleeper feels cold.

I'm not sure if any current software package could handle this, but machines keep getting smarter.

kbecker, Apr 01 2004

Japanese Dream Machine http://news.bbc.co....pacific/3395505.stm
Similar, only better. Too bad it only runs in Japanese, for now. [dumpstergirl, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Please just let me sleep Please_2c_20just_20let_20me_20sleep
[normzone, Aug 29 2007]


       If it could help generate lucid dreams I'd buy it.   

       2 fries, check out the link. You'd need to learn to think in a new language, or have it reprogrammed in English.
dumpstergirl, Apr 02 2004


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