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Bluetoothed Flashdrives

Don't leave behind your flashdrive!
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Heh, I got a nice flashdrive, and I'm paranoid that I'll leave it in the computer and someone will steal it.

Plus, even though there are USB ports on the front of most of the computers that I use, it only can get into the port on the tower CPU's, due to the placement and angle of the port (they are Dells). I hate reaching back behind the CPU and fumbling around to stick it in the correct slot. And taking the thing off of the lanyard/placing it back on. I'm afraid I'll forget it.

Bluetooth 'em. In the name of the halfbakery, make them Bluetooth. Power them by the warmth of your skin, and set your password. Access the data easily. Of course, you can always plug them in normaly, for a quick recharge-boost.

DesertFox, Feb 06 2006


       Trouble is, precious few desktops come with Bluetooth (yet).
But it does make a whole lot of sense. Warm pastry for you.
Hopefully Bluetooth will become a standard component of all computer hardware in the near future. It's just too handy!
(Aside - Who the heck came up with that Dell front USB placement? Stuck in the corner on a funny angle...)
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 06 2006


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