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Cable Boots

Data Storage In Footwear (An Entirely Underused Area Of Clothing)
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In my opinion, footwear is a totally underrepresented area in the clothing-information technology industry (or cloth-IT as I'm prone to calling it), so why not make the dull footwear of the world to some use, and put some shock resistant storage devices into the sole. To this can be added a USB port in the heel with a cover to prevent dirt or damage. Information can now be carried in a safe and secure fashion, downloadable to any computer or organiser with a USB port. Also this would prevent any stuff ups as MI5 agents might be brighter than to leave their shoes on a train, and incidences of shoe theft aren't as common as you might think. All in all I can't think why anyone hasn't thought of this before...
clichedname, Jul 14 2001

baked in '87... http://www.multiman...TS/sujets/MAI87.htm
...by puma [mihali, Jul 14 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

and now baking... http://www.motorcyc...cdaily/day0152.html
...at mit and (who else?) nike [mihali, Jul 14 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       and no I don't vote for my own ideas, it doesn't give a fair representation of the views
clichedname, Jul 14 2001

       And the higher the heel, the greater the storage capacity. Just think how much space there'd be in 5-inch platform soles! You could use different types of footwear for specific applications, such as Florsheims for business, Doc Martens for kick-ass gaming, fuzzy bunny slippers for kid's stuff, the list goes on and on...
Canuck, Jul 16 2001

       I like the concept of a "redundant array of independent shoes".
st3f, Jul 16 2001

       I like this idea as an excuse to put my feet up on my desk: "Just downloading the work I did at home last night."
EvoketheTiger, Jul 16 2001

       [Canuck] Still using the 5.25" form factor? You should upgrade to the 3.5" flip-floppy.   

       Imagine my embarassment when, as I was returning from the restroom, someone pointed out that I had paper tape stuck to my shoe.   

       You folks will have to excuse me now. Have to go buy some DOS Martens (can't believe you let that one slip, [Canuck]).
phoenix, Jul 16 2001

       Ah, phoenix, because I am freshly half-baked I resisted the temptation to go for the gusto right away. I'm happy to be of service delivering straight lines for others to exercise their wit, but methinks you have had more than your share of exercise! Leave some for the others, please, or I shall perform a cold boot with my Kodiaks. (Kodiaks are a durable, toasty-warm winter boot we Canadians wear about nine months of the year).
Canuck, Jul 19 2001

       And back to the plot. Of course storage is just the start. Why not put some processing power (just a little bit) and wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth or 802.11? Shoes have one *REAL* advantage over other items of clothing - a readily exploitable power source. A small piezo element in the heel gives a tiny voltage spike with each step. Add a couple of steering diodes and a capacitor and you have a few mW to do something with whenever you walk. You could have your shoes communicate with each other (so the left foot knows what the right foot's doing) or with someone else's shoes (to avoid stepping on someone's toes).   

       Techno-geeks will love a pedometer that Bluetooth's their exercise data to their phone or PDA...   

       Athletes will know who is catching up with them without having to look over their shoulder...
ATP, Oct 16 2003


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