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Bottle Top Plectrums

Strum high up the neck.
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The tops of beer bottles, or whatever. Your favourite one, you can have. all that needs to be done is flatten them and cut them. should not be too difficult. and its a form of recycling. eco friendly.
Pop Weasel, Feb 10 2006


       Just what we need, a way to encourage musicians to drink. Bun.
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 10 2006

       I don't really like metal picks (or what they do to your strings), but this definitely has the cool factor. Eat pastry.
wagster, Feb 10 2006

       the plastic tops from smarties packets might be gentler.
po, Feb 10 2006

       But not quite so Rock'n'Roll, po.....
Minimal, Feb 14 2006

       oh I don't know, you'd be surprised what people keep in their smartie tubes ;)
po, Feb 14 2006


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