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Flavoured Plectrums

Need I say more?
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Most guitarists I know, myself included, will often hold their plectrum (or pick) in their mouth or blatantly chew them... I suggest that instead of the flavourless variety that we taste (or not taste, as it were) all the time why not produce plectrums in a variety of flavours. "A packet of light strings and a jim dunlop 88mm Blueberry pick thanks..."
lukecleland, Oct 09 2006

Flavoured Guitar Strings Flavoured_20Guitar_20Strings
(Sorry [lukecleland], I couldn't help myself) [Dub, Oct 09 2006]


       Jerky. But you have to make it yourself, salt and spices and papery dried, not that storebought crap that is called jerky just because it's hard as rawhide and is still 68 percent grease and gets all over your hands and strings and shirt and mic...   

       Chew on!
lurch, Oct 09 2006

       Add 'em to a range of Sherbert Plectrum Dips. Yum, fastguitar with a fizzy twist.
skinflaps, Oct 09 2006

       Salsa and Chips [+]
augusta, Oct 09 2006

       Excellent... So good, in fact, that I had to rip it off.
Dub, Oct 09 2006


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