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Butterfly Cell Phone

Clack click clack - hello?
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Some may be familiar with butterfly knives (linked). With practice one can clack and click these in an ominous, ninja-like kungfu way, producing then concealing the blade in seconds. although on looking them up I see that they are really a Filipino invention.

The average Westerner has little cause to produce a three inch blade within seconds. But cell phones are a different matter. I propose that the butterfly method of housing a knife be adapted to the cell phone. Whip in out, click and clack, and talk away. How cool is that? Do I need to tell you. OK: very very cool.

This would have added benefit of concealing the input keys within the housing, and if done correctly could even impart a degree of impact resistance and waterproofing to the phone.

bungston, Sep 28 2009

Butterfly knife http://en.wikipedia...ki/Balisong_(knife)
[bungston, Sep 28 2009]

Like this? http://www.motorola...A-by-Motorola-US-EN
$2000? These guys need to try harder! [AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 28 2009]


       I've seen the same wrist action in cell phone behaviour.
dentworth, Sep 28 2009


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