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Call Center Call Center

Call center for call centers
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Call centers are such a waste of many people's time because you have to be on hold. Create a call center that, for a fee (depending on how long waited), will call the call center for you, and begin giving initial information until they get an actual operator or to where the customer wants to get to in the phone call. When they get an operator or to the right menu, they call the person and the person can immediately speak to the operator or use the appropriate menu, and then be billed later.
twitch, Nov 30 2006


       And why wouldn't this call center put you on hold as well?
Chefboyrbored, Nov 30 2006

       It defeats their purpose, so THEY would just give you a busy signal. Call back, don't be put on hold. Maybe you can apply online. and they would call YOU! I just found out another way for call centers to make money: sell advertsing space for people on hold! so while they are waiting for service, they can be sold on toilet paper.
twitch, Nov 30 2006

       I know, I know... this was my anti-idea- idea. It was very much in the wrong place. But hey, it's all about money in the end. If you know that it's not music but product advertisements when you are on hold, you will be more sickened and more likely to use this call center call center service. Somebody has to put up with their crap.. does it have to be you?
twitch, Nov 30 2006

       Maybe, for a couple of bucks, the call center will call you back instead of puting you on hold. Just hope that the wait isn't "2 minutes and 20 seconds" or some oddly short time to be put on hold.   

       Maybe the call centers and the call center call centers can collaborate and find ways to "encourage" us to spend money for call-back services...   

       Or maybe just scrap this idea and have the call centers charge a premium to call you back with an actual operator on the line. Yeah, I like this better.
twitch, Nov 30 2006

       just buy a phone with a hold option so when your done holding for them put them on hold! HA!   

       I've been put on hold by a house phone before and it's waaaaay worse than the call centers. at least the call centers give you music and not different pitched bings!
balloon, Nov 30 2006

       It's copyright infringement to use "on hold" songs without permission.   

       The idea was to make the "on hold" experience as horrible as possible so that people are more encouraged to pay a premium to be called back.
twitch, Dec 01 2006


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