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Car jiggler

Find elusive and annoying squeaks
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Ever had an annoying noise in the car? I mean the ones that persist after removing any other occupants.
One answer is a car jiggler, which jiggles the car about in complete safety while you peer under the instrument cluster; under the seat; in the trunk and in the glove box.
An electric motor, that spins a heavy weight, is loaded into the boot, and can spin at different rates to resonate with the offending item. Alternatively it can be attached, limpet style, to the roof.
Ling, Feb 15 2007


       Some testing labs have machines to test this sort of thing. They generally attach to the wheels and simulate driving conditions experienced by the car as many squeaks are dependent on the Racking and twisting of the chassis to occur.
jhomrighaus, Feb 15 2007

       I've found a cable tie around the axle is good for convincing people their car is broken.
Custardguts, Feb 16 2007

       This is in place of the traditional person bouncing up and down on the bumper? But higher tech? (+)
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 16 2007

       Here I am!
squeak, Feb 16 2007

       Where I come from, a car jiggler is a guy who walks down the street bumping all of the parked cars to set off their alarms.
nuclear hobo, Feb 16 2007

       If one of these was put into a parked car, I wonder what the neighbours would think?
Ling, Feb 19 2007

       What. All by myself?
squeak, Feb 20 2007

       My what?
squeak, Feb 21 2007

       //Find elusive and annoying squeaks//   

       Ah come on [squeak], you're not THAT elusive and annoying.
theleopard, Feb 21 2007

       Wanna bet?
squeak, Feb 21 2007


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