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In-dash MP3 DVD Player

Put MP3s and OGGs on a DVD, play them in your car
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My car has an in-dash player for CDs. It would be nice if it could play MP3s and OGGs off the CDs. Why not a DVD reader? Then I could fit dozens of albums on a single disk.

This could be done as a homebrew hack, it doesn't need to be a commercial product. The shape of in-dash radios and CD players is pretty well standardized, as are the connectors on the back. A DVD drive would easily fit into a typical car radio box. There would be room for some iPaq guts to run the DVD player.

wware, Feb 10 2006

sure http://www.homethea...om/discplayers/125/
[zeno, Feb 10 2006]

(???) why not http://www.consumer...J0RMRCSHQFHKFSESI5P
[zeno, Feb 10 2006]


       Dude, buy it in a store.
zeno, Feb 10 2006

       What [zeno] said. Baked.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 10 2006

       I've been looking for this, too. MP3s from CD. OK. DVD player for car (plays movies to entertain children, etc.), OK. Simple stereo that plays MP3s from DVD, no luck so far. If you all think this is "baked", care to provide some links?
NoOneYouKnow, Feb 10 2006

       If you read the text in the first link, //adding MP3 capability is a logical step// and //A DVD player whose pickup has been re-engineered with an extra laser diode to focus on less-reflective CD-R discs should be able to read MP3 data from those discs//, it does not state that it does what [wware] suggests, but instead makes the (perverse) assumption that MP3 files are stored on CDs but not DVDs. One DVD can fit over a hundred albums as MP3 or OGG files (depending on bitrate).   

       The second link is now dead.
spidermother, Feb 11 2006

       {zeno], I've looked at your links. I must have missed the "in-dash" part somewhere in the articles. Except for the portable, these are all home entertainment components. None have the simplicity of a car stereo where you can just slip the disc in and play in the car.
NoOneYouKnow, Feb 11 2006

       Aha, I suppose I went for in-car and overlooked the in-dash bit myself.
zeno, Feb 12 2006


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